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Golf Tournament (TT)

30th August 2013, 10:00     #RopersHeaven
Hosted by: Xrayez
Helpers: che members
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• 3 worms per player
• Games are best of 1
• S2F - Start to Finish

Warning: use only the scheme and mappack that provided by this tourney.

What you need to get started:

- In order to play this scheme, you need to download and install RubberWorm (to complete all the map in 1 turn)
- Type /boom in the lobby to enable boomracing stuff (prevents enemy teams from having any influence on each other)


Place all your worms on Start platform (numbered as 1 or so). Throw grenades into the hole numbered with same number as a platform (you can use infinite amount of grenades). Once your grenade touches and stays in the hole for like 1/4 of a second, you can teleport to the next platform, and so on.

If you think that your grenade will definitely go into the hole, you may teleport to the next platform before the grenade touches or "explodes" in that hole (to save precious time).

Once you finish the map, tele away your worm from the last platform ; )

Your task:

- Complete the entire map as fast as you can without ending a turn. You have only 3 tries to get better time.
- You will get your time once a grenade touches and stays in the last hole (finish hole)
- Less turn time ranks higher

The player who has the better result wins.

Notice: finals will be played in one map (4 - 3 players). Whoever makes the best result wins Gold medal, 2nd

- Silver, 3rd - Bronze, but sorry 4th - GG ;<


Tournament Results [show maps]

Medal points have been nullified. Reason: not enough players.

Medal points multiplier for the new system: x 0 (6 players)


Round 1 Final Round





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